Sensitive Sites

Sites such as military, industries facilities and government buildings... demand a high level of security. For these applications, Automatic Systems provides security barriers and a range of retractable obstacles (or road blockers) for site protection, while selectively authorizing the passage of certain vehicles.

Security Barriers

The security barriers are equipped with robust mechanisms and booms that are resistant to vandalism and forcing attempts. They are therefore recommended for all sensitive sites where a high level of security is required.
Reinforced Arm
up to 13ft
Reinforced Arm
extra long
up to 26ft

Rising Fenced Barriers

The rising fenced barriers close a passage to both vehicles and pedestrians. In many cases, they can replace a gate, allowing strict and fast access control.
up to 17 ft
up to 21 ft

Road Blockers

Recommended for the security of sensitive sites, the retractable obstacles prohibit, in a dissuasive or strict way, the entry of vehicles at a perimeter, whether it is a parking facility or a very sensitive site.
High Security
High Security