Swing Gates

A true complement to security entrance lanes, the swing gates complement any facility that requires wide access in order to facilitate emergency egress or accommodate the mobility-impaired, deliveries or bulky objects.

The PMD Series
A high performance classic

Smart Style, Serious Security
Matching SmartLane 900
Matching SmartLane 901
Matching SmartLane 902

The PMD Series
A high performance classic

The PMD swing gates are used in conjunctions with the PNG portals. They are similar in design, thus allowing an esthetically-pleasing uniformity when installed in a battery.
Matching PNG380
Matching PNG 381
Matching 382

Tailored discretion

The PPV swing gates can be used alone or in conjunction with other products such as the PNG and TBV.
Waist-Height Swing Gate
Matching TBV